Nordic Light Media

NORDIC LIGHT MEDIA will produce inspiring movies for an international audience, with stories and tales sprung from the Nordic countries and most of all from what was once Sápmi, i.e. northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. As well as Iceland/Greenland. Movies that provide hope and opens people’s hearts, in short, spreading light, the light from the north: NORDIC LIGHT.

CEO and founder of NORDIC LIGHT MEDIA is Erika Mikaelsson.

For over 20 years, Erika Mikaelsson has worked as a news journalist within press, radio and television. She worked for 10 years on SVT, Sweden’s main television channel and 6 years on it’s news channel as program leader and editor for late news, film reporter and foreign news editor for the morning news.

She started publishing house MIKAS FÖRLAG 1997 in Öland and has since written five books. The first one was published in 1999: Capellagården – on the legacy of Carl Malmsten and the latest: Good News for a Change (in English and Swedish). This book and the book of Vedic Arts founder Curt Källman The 17 (in English and Swedish) can be purchased from the publishing house Turning Pages.


She started  her first web TV channel already in 2005. It became so successful that she had to shut down. (Those days every click costed. 2 weeks from the start, the channel had 15.000 new viewers each day. The revenue was not included …)

She made several attempts to launch TV channels with Good News, but she was too early. In 2010 she started and the following year she founded and became president of the Great People Media Foundation. The idea was to educate young poor women in developing countries to strengthen their self-esteem, create an opportunity for them to get out of poverty and give them a voice in the media. In 2012, she and a team of co-founders of the Great People Media, Renee Besseling, travelled to Uganda to train eight young women linked to a disability organization for women in Uganda, UDWA. Applied for money through SIDA and the Gates Foundation, among others. Without success. GPTV continued as an idealistic channel, but during 2015 it was shut down.

However, a new web TV channel will soon see the light of day under the wings of NORDIC LIGHT MEDIA.

In 2005, Erika Mikaelsson met Yana Mangi at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. Then the idea of ​​a documentary was born. Erika gave Yana a camera and suggested she would shoot flashes from her daily life. What does a modern Sami woman’s life look like when she does not make her living from reindeer husbandry? In November 2016, the film The Nordic Sound was shown at the European Film Festival in Umeå. For this festival the film was subtitled in English and now the film will be released to the world at international film festivals …

Further documentary film ideas are now bursting.

To be continued…